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 DABNEY J.M. - TWIRLED WORLD INK - Tome 2 : Trouble

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DABNEY J.M. - TWIRLED WORLD INK - Tome 2 : Trouble Empty
MessageSujet: DABNEY J.M. - TWIRLED WORLD INK - Tome 2 : Trouble   DABNEY J.M. - TWIRLED WORLD INK - Tome 2 : Trouble Icon_minitime1Mer 16 Aoû - 11:40

DABNEY J.M. - TWIRLED WORLD INK - Tome 2 : Trouble Twirle11

JM Dabney

Sortie le 13 décembre 2016

Quatrième de couverture :

Model perfect Jimmy “Trouble” Carver had never heard the word no. Tattooed, sexy and the quintessential bad boy Trouble had men falling over themselves to get to him. What people didn’t know about him was he was self-conscious even if life was easy for him. He’d started out as an apprentice at Twirled World Ink after college and never looked back. Trouble was exactly where he wanted to be, although there was one speed bump, his crush refused to go out on a date.

Brody Vaughn worked in a dead-end job, barely making it from paycheck to paycheck. He didn’t have much time for anyone other than his five-year-old daughter Mina and besides he’d never quite found a place in this world he fit. Chunky and average, that's how he felt, except for when Trouble came into the grocery store where he worked. The flirty, gorgeous man asked him out every week with a sexy smile, but Brody had to refuse. It wasn’t as if he wanted to say no, it was just how could he date a man Brody knew he had no business trying to keep.

The Crazies of Twirled World Ink excel at one thing, matchmaking, and they are determined their resident bad boy would get his man. They just had to make sure that neither Trouble or Brody screwed up their plan.

Lien AmazonDABNEY J.M. - TWIRLED WORLD INK - Tome 2 : Trouble Ir?t=auboueca-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B01MXU41P4

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DABNEY J.M. - TWIRLED WORLD INK - Tome 2 : Trouble
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