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 SUNDAY Anyta - LOVE LETTERS - Tome 3 : Challenging Chance

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SUNDAY Anyta - LOVE LETTERS - Tome 3 : Challenging Chance Empty
MessageSujet: SUNDAY Anyta - LOVE LETTERS - Tome 3 : Challenging Chance   SUNDAY Anyta - LOVE LETTERS - Tome 3 : Challenging Chance Icon_minitime1Mar 31 Juil - 16:33

SUNDAY Anyta - LOVE LETTERS - Tome 3 : Challenging Chance Challe10

Challenging Chance
Anyta Sunday

Sortie le 31 juillet 2018

Quatrième de couverture :

C is for Chance Roosevelt-Sutton.

Chiseled jaw. Smug attitude. Wild ways.

Chained to his ego—or so everyone thinks. Except his personal assistant, Brook. He knows better.

Chance is challenged to make his father happy for once, but he needs Brook’s help.

Choosing honesty is too risky, so instead they choose secrecy.

Choked by their pasts, they dream of a better life . . . and

Charm each other into submission.

Will their pasts ruin what they have, or will they grow together?

Lien AmazonSUNDAY Anyta - LOVE LETTERS - Tome 3 : Challenging Chance Ir?t=auboueca-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B07G1612KH

Chloe's review :

Well well, Chance is not that straight, is he ? We finally get to meet Landon’s (former) crush. Chance is in trouble : he parties too hard, shames his family and his father had enough. That is why he gives Chance an ultimatum : organize the perfect rehearsal dinner for his brother’s wedding and get the perfect date, or he will cut him off. Chance must hire a competent PA to organize the dinner. This is when he meets Brook : a cocky young fellow who needs this job to pay rent for him and his grandma, after losing the house because of his gambling debts. But Brook is a man and Chance don’t want a male PA : he always hired females because he could keep his desires in check. But Brook is an handsome man and Chance can’t help but notice.

« Brook reminded him of his ex-friend Landon—and the one week Chance had given in to what his body craved. »

They both had the same kind of lifestyle : drunk, sex-filled with random strangers, where money could buy you the best. Brook lost everything because of this lifestyle and Chance is on the verge of having the same fate. They both want to become better men for their families, to fix their mistakes. Chance seems to redeem himself when in contact with Brook grandma, Patricia, which is the funniest character in this series. She is witty and sassy, exactly what our characters need to get their head out of the sand.

From the moment we learnt about Chance I wondered why he would hide his homosexuality : was it because his family would be embarrassed ? Is he ashamed of being gay ? So I was really excited to read his story to find out. Chance never tried to tell his family he way gay : he was already a disappointment to his family, so he didn’t want to add something that could make them hate him forever. The truth is behind his asshole façade, Chance is a very lonely person : he wants his family’s approval more than anything, and wants to be loves by people. So he uses money but it doesn’t work. His basketball team despises him, only using him for money. And he lets them, just to have a feeling of belonging.

It was a story about redemption : Chance, making for once the right choices in his life, and asking for forgiveness to Landon, whom he hurt pretty badly. And Brook, who helped Chance in his path towards redemption, gained his own, he finally forgave himself. It was a very sweet, funny and romantic story. But it is also one of the sexiest story Anyta ever written ! get ready for so hot, sexy time with Chance and Brooke coeur

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SUNDAY Anyta - LOVE LETTERS - Tome 3 : Challenging Chance
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